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My diary begins…

I had a passion to write poems which started after the middle of this previous year (2016),ever since then I had always wanted to start my own personal blog…but I wanted some trilling, strange, magnificent and non like no other so I decided to do the unimaginable… I present to you DIARY OF A YOUNG POET 😁

I was going jejely on my own
With no burden on my heart
Then I saw this Omo Igbo
And my life took a deep leap
Ahh! What is this strange feeling?
I thought that was the end
Not knowing I just started
Bouncing from Omo Igbo to Omo Hausa to Omo Yoruba
Chai! What an endless list
Omo Dudu and Omo Pupa pelu Omo Funfun
Don’t let me even start with the endless religious groups
It all started with this Omo Igbo
Then came Agbeke
Hun! Asake, Abike, Aduke, Amoke and Alake too
Not to talk of Ayanfe and Anike
Then like a jinx came Omolabake
Kilode, Na only me waka come?
I have crushed and crushed and crushed
On different ethnic and religious groups
Yet am not done tripping
Strange? You wish
Am not done with my story
This is just the beginning.
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)



I'm a young poet and writer trying to make a difference in the world...some people call me the love poet, some call me Mcbumnik... I am playful, gentle and contrastively troublesome, you can call me Bunmi.

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