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Most of us know what has been going on in LAUTECH… The great citadel has been locked up for months and its great students are denied there rights… This piece is to show my support for the campaign #reopenlautech … My brothers and sisters your pain is deeply felt by other Nigerian students…👊👊👊

We begged for a chance
But you gave us a blunt glance
We plead for our right
But you rubbed it on the ground
Wehdon sir!
You boast of your power
And display to us your pride
Yet you know what we are deprived
But you still chased us with Men in Black
Wehdon sir!
We have dreams we need to achieve
A lot of innovations we conceive
Please give us a chance to achieve
And be a hero to what we believe
But you still deprive us of what we need
Wehdon sir!
We came to you with a plead
Because we have been stuck in a place like a rotten seed
Life for us is a battle field
Because we are youths and we have a lot to achieve
But you still deprive us of what we need
Mr Constituted Authority all we can say is Wehdon sir!
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)



I'm a young poet and writer trying to make a difference in the world...some people call me the love poet, some call me Mcbumnik... I am playful, gentle and contrastively troublesome, you can call me Bunmi.


  1. It is a pity in the city with greedy men…
    The next generation is already suffering what they know notting about.
    I just pray the youth can utilize their potententials before it is wasted in an economy of confusion…

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  2. it’s so sad we don’t feel confident to study in our country anymore yet no money to go out of the country. After going through all sorts of calamities in school, 80% end up on the streets.

    thumb up Bunmi

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