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If you read my first poem on this blog you will understand that this poem is more like a continuation, the funny part is that this piece is just ok without the first, but you will get a complete picture of what am saying if you read my very first post “MY DIARY BEGINS”. After all its a Diary and there is no way you will understand a diary from starting from the middle. Enjoy 😉😁😊

My story is a very strange one
Shebi I don talk am before
Let me tell you about one time
When I met this Damsel
She gave me a gaze
That went through my body like a race
Ahh! My head turned
I became a Zombie
Then at a time I was like, is this really me?
Omolabake, what have you done to me?
I was expecting a different story from that of Amoke and Asake
Why did you leave me like Abike did?
And broke my heart like Omo Igbo did
It’s strange how I dream all day and night
And wish to have another day to fight
But am I doing what is right?
By putting my heart on the line
Chai! Na only me waka come?
I was duped in matters at the heart
By various ethnic and religious groups
Hmmm! My story is really strange
But you have not heard the end of it
This is still the beginning.



I'm a young poet and writer trying to make a difference in the world...some people call me the love poet, some call me Mcbumnik... I am playful, gentle and contrastively troublesome, you can call me Bunmi.

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