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Painful Africans Ideology on Men’s Emotion

They say a man should work until the day he dies
Living each second with either joy or hate until he passes
From his first breath to his very last
He keeps toiling until his life collapse

When is a man never bad?
Bad son when he does what he is passionate about and discards his parent’s
Bad friend when he avoids them and stay at home without hanging out
Bad husband when he spends his time with friends
Bad father when he works too much and spends little time at home

All he needs is a helper suitable for him
Not a leach fixated to the side of his neck
Extracting not just his life but his income

Africans, why can’t he help his wife with chores, without you saying he is a weak man?
Why can’t he wash his wife’s cloths without you saying he is jazzed?
If he gives a woman a ride from work
He is a Casanova
If he doesn’t
He is not a gentle man

The easiest way to a man’s heart is love
“Once he loves, he becomes a mindless zombie”
“He should be strong”
“A weak man can’t lead a family”
Or so they say
When does a man in love become a weakling?
This saying has driven men to hate
So as to be strong for the society

How would you say you can never please a man without even trying?
Make him happy and you have the key to his heart
Make him sad and you open the door to exploration
Man has emotions and also feels pain but he is just perfect at hiding, all for the sake of being strong.



I'm a young poet and writer trying to make a difference in the world...some people call me the love poet, some call me Mcbumnik... I am playful, gentle and contrastively troublesome, you can call me Bunmi.

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