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*BOY*: I saw you just the other day
Like a bright sunny day
As the dew fell in the month of may
I fell in love and I don’t know how to say

*Girl*: I always walked alone
Not I am a gnome
But because I always believed the right person would meet me and make me his own
I know as time goes on, I will never walk alone

*Boy*: You alone are like a flock of angels
Seeing you makes me short of words
So take this yam and plantains
Which I have brought from my village which has many names

*Girl*: Oh thank you dear
You have always been there for me like someone so dear
My heart beats loud for you and so I dare
I dared myself to prepare the best delicacy for you alone I care
This rice and egusi from my hands I bare

*Boy*: Oh she loves me so much
Let me make the move as it is time to rush
The food from my village did the trick as she even tells me when she is in pain
My trusted “agbo” will break her sorrows made of chain




I'm a young poet and writer trying to make a difference in the world...some people call me the love poet, some call me Mcbumnik... I am playful, gentle and contrastively troublesome, you can call me Bunmi.

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