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A Chance

The strangest thing about life is that we all have a chance to choose which path we want. Although there are times when our paths are forced on us but we can choose to make the best use of the path to get us to our dream destination… You have been given a chance, its your decision to maximize it.

Opportunities come and go
Lucks come in the form of both good and bad
Decisions are at times life changing or deadly
The chances you get now shape your future
The people you meet along the way give you stories to tell
You have a chance to choose life and love
And also to choose death and hate
The chances are clear between success and failure
Just as they are clear when you choose the wrong path and a person lights up your way
The choices you make today makes you who you are tomorrow
Don’t be defined by your past
Choose a glorious future
#we are rising
Diary of a Young Poet
Sanyaolu Olubunmi (Mcbumnik)

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My imagination. My strength

It’s very funny when I solve problems with my mind
And find drastic solutions just with my imagination
It’s very funny when you crush on someone
And you picture yourself dating the person
It’s very funny when am hungry
And I imagine that perfect delicacy my mum makes
It’s very sad when someone hurts you
And you can only keep quiet about it
It’s very sad when someone breaks your heart
And you imagination becomes shattered
But think of the possibilities
Think of the power of imagination
Think of the strength it yields
And think of the impact you can make to your generation.
#we are rising
#Diary of a young poet
Sanyaolu Olubunmi (Mcbumnik)

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Can someone help me out?
Help me with the meaning of love
I have seek and failed to find
I stopped searching yet it did not find me
I have seen things which may seem like love
Or could it all just be lust

The perfect curves of Omosalewa drives me crazy
Looking at her blessed structure has ran men mad
The view that destroy homes is what she bears
And her uncontended nature is not what I need
Should I say I love her because of what I see?
Can someone help me out?

Fatima is also a pretty and fun to be with lady
You both can talk and never get bored
The sad part is that Fatima has a “But”
Which makes me sad and sick at heart
She gossips and backbites and never hold secrets
Should I say I love her because she is fun and pretty?
Can someone help me out?

Adepeju does not look bad either
She is light, fresh and rich
Am not bad either but her standards are pretty high
She doesn’t care if my account goes empty
As long as she is happy
But I love her or so I think
Can someone help me out?

Pelumi looks perfect for me
But my heart says all ladies are the same
And my head says “you haven’t been lucky with these beings”
So I am deciding whether to sit this out
But anytime I think of the meaning of love
I think of Pelumi
Should I let her go because am scared?
Can someone PLEASE help me out?
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)

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Dear diary,

Boy wake up its time to go to the farm
Sleeping all day will only do you harm
Take the basket and hold it by the arm
Its the harvest period and we need to dig up the yams

Papa I just one more hour
I need to finish my dream
Lying under this cozy blanket is like a dream come true
The dream is sweet and I don’t think am through
Please just one more hour i beg of you

Mama already said I’ll join you later
I’ll do my chores and make the house look better
I’ll be fast because I know time is all that matters

Am scared to get out
Get out of bed
Get out to work
But If I don’t then I’ll probably die of hunger
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)

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Alabi told you of his failure
You laughed and giggled at this downfall
Alabi is in pain and is struggling
Yet you just walked out like you do not care
Alabi gave up and took to the lines and trees
But was saved by a Good Samaritan
He gave Alabi a second chance
He told him, keep moving up
And do not give up


Omolewa needed someone to love and care for her
She found you and you seemed perfect
Not knowing you were the devil’s incarnate
Omolewa was innocent and she gave you her precious heart
She saw you as her charming prince
She gave you all she had except her dignity
Which was her pride and her beauty
It was her life and her soul
But you did not think of her feelings
You came and plucked of her happiness and ego
You stole from the soup pot and you never looked back
Now the pot is open and going sour
Omolewa is in pain and never to love again she swore
All she can do is to keep moving up
All Omolewa can do is to never give up


James took loan to start a proposed business
A business you introduced and you knew would never strive
You were interested in collecting his money
And hand back to him mourning
James was living in hard times and needed a quick way out
A way out of his suffering, grief and misery
He placed his family house on collateral for loan
You duped him and stripped him of all he had
You even stripped him of his life
John killed himself and could only move down
His last chance of survival you took away from him


You better give up your evil ways
And start giving people a chance to have their way
Stop wickedness, stop sharing pain
Do unto others as you want them to do to you
Stop the flow of tears and start giving happiness

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Valentine Special – Letter to my Queen

KING: What do you want again; don’t you know how to stay away after pain? It’s obvious you have nothing else to gain.
MCBUMNIK: Staying away is a sign of defeat and anytime I fall I stand back on my feet, I may not be a General with a lot of fleet but I’m a guy who never quits.
KING: The last time my dad almost cut off your head is not memorable enough? Or do you want a case where an angry man puts you off.
MCBUMNIK: My act is a sign of love and at this point my heart can’t be shoved.
KING: (sigh) Ok, I’ll help you pass your letter to my sister, but at the end if you dare not treat her like a star I’ll make sure your head is used for tar.
MCBUMNIK: (jumps happily) Here take (hands over letter). Thanks a lot, if I have my way I’ll buy you a plot or even build you a fort. (Leaves)
KING: This dude claims he loves my sister but all I see in him is a cheater and his attitude a player, let me read his message and know what secrecy he hides before I peel off his hide and stab him from behind. The letter even smells good; he has probably sprayed perfume on it, this is what a player would do. (Opens and reads letter)

I saw you and I sighed
Indeed a beautiful sight
Like an angel all I could see saw light
And like an achiever I must surely fight
I prayed to the one lord
That I would obey his word
If he creates a cord
That would connect both our hearts
But anytime I see your dad
My heart skips and becomes sad
Because he does not approves and sees me like am mad
The lord has shown me how to play my card
But all I have is my guard
And my ability to work hard
And in my possession my swag
And apart from that a water gourd
That mama gave me as a gift from abroad
I’ll work hard till I can afford
A benz for your dad and for you a ford
Blessings shall be mine in that accord
That’s why I keep praying to the lord
And sticking to his word
You are my emerald
You are my silver and gold
My life I will live for you
But first let me solve issues with your dad

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King: Bro! I haven’t seen you in a while, I heard you were busy.
MCBUMNIK: Busy? What could I have been so busy doing that wouldn’t make me get in touch with you? Lately, I have just been feeling a bit dizzy.
King: (laughs)so I heard.
MCBUMNIK:(surprised)I hope its not something that has painted me as a part of the herd?
King: Well we could say it has since you are part of the herd of those falling in love. Anyways, just give me the full gist😁
MCBUMNIK: No, sorry this is personal so am just going to write it down in my Diary. All I can do is to keep putting you on twist.
King: That ain’t fair. (whispering to himself) I’ll just have to steal that diary and read it out loud.😈 I’ll show that am the one with the fist.

I met her on social media
As if she was just standing there
Waiting for me to come find her
Then just like a race car driver
I met her standing at my destination
As if she was the one that sent me on my mission
I was stuck on the spot like I was hit by recession

Then gradually I realize
That she wasn’t full of lies
Like all other ladies in my past lives
Different thoughts cross my heart like busy flies
I hope I won’t be the one full of lies

This is the moment of my life that I have lived
Not because I had prayed and focused on my belief
But because I believed
Is this the best thing I have achieved?

All I think of is “hope I won’t be the cause of her sadness?”
All I want for her is happiness
And a moment of her gladness
With her in my arms
And I in hers
Smiling as we fly to mars
And await the day we become ours

We hurt each other
And plead for one another
There are days we witness war and order
And there are nights we hang up on each other
There is a power in the skies that keeps the order
And gives us another chance to love one another

There are bound to be days of war
And nights of peace
That moment I think of “what should I have worn?”
To the place where I want to see the lady that I dare not wrong.

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In every man’s life there are bound to be heartbreaks, I wrote this poem during one of them… So it was purely inspirational… You can get inspiration from any corner of life, sometimes its the inspiration to do evil, we all know that inspiring oneself to do evil is never profitable but it’ll only bring the person down, so why don’t you channel your inspiration for good and check the result.


Oh! What heaviness
It feels like a million stings
Tears build up in my eyes
Sorrow fill my soul
I love you but you don’t love me


What a painful feeling I bear
I told you how I felt
Because they say a man should be courageous
Only to hear the strangest words
I spent time with you
I stabbed myself and pulled out my heart
I gave it to you and you collected it
Just for you to drop it on the cold hard ground


I asked why
You replied it could never work
Because you are already taken
I felt betrayed
All these while I gave you my all
But you never told me you were someone’s else


Is this what the Saviour planned
You hurting your fellow man
You could have told me when I told you how i felt
But you kept it a secret until now
I cherished all our times together
I bottled it in an iron bottle
Which won’t break when it falls
Until I heard those words
Words of how you felt
I had to let you go
I never gave anyone so much of me
I gave you my all
But you never gave me your one.
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)
Diary of a Young Poet

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If you read my first poem on this blog you will understand that this poem is more like a continuation, the funny part is that this piece is just ok without the first, but you will get a complete picture of what am saying if you read my very first post “MY DIARY BEGINS”. After all its a Diary and there is no way you will understand a diary from starting from the middle. Enjoy 😉😁😊

My story is a very strange one
Shebi I don talk am before
Let me tell you about one time
When I met this Damsel
She gave me a gaze
That went through my body like a race
Ahh! My head turned
I became a Zombie
Then at a time I was like, is this really me?
Omolabake, what have you done to me?
I was expecting a different story from that of Amoke and Asake
Why did you leave me like Abike did?
And broke my heart like Omo Igbo did
It’s strange how I dream all day and night
And wish to have another day to fight
But am I doing what is right?
By putting my heart on the line
Chai! Na only me waka come?
I was duped in matters at the heart
By various ethnic and religious groups
Hmmm! My story is really strange
But you have not heard the end of it
This is still the beginning.

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Most of us know what has been going on in LAUTECH… The great citadel has been locked up for months and its great students are denied there rights… This piece is to show my support for the campaign #reopenlautech … My brothers and sisters your pain is deeply felt by other Nigerian students…👊👊👊

We begged for a chance
But you gave us a blunt glance
We plead for our right
But you rubbed it on the ground
Wehdon sir!
You boast of your power
And display to us your pride
Yet you know what we are deprived
But you still chased us with Men in Black
Wehdon sir!
We have dreams we need to achieve
A lot of innovations we conceive
Please give us a chance to achieve
And be a hero to what we believe
But you still deprive us of what we need
Wehdon sir!
We came to you with a plead
Because we have been stuck in a place like a rotten seed
Life for us is a battle field
Because we are youths and we have a lot to achieve
But you still deprive us of what we need
Mr Constituted Authority all we can say is Wehdon sir!
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)