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In every man’s life there are bound to be heartbreaks, I wrote this poem during one of them… So it was purely inspirational… You can get inspiration from any corner of life, sometimes its the inspiration to do evil, we all know that inspiring oneself to do evil is never profitable but it’ll only bring the person down, so why don’t you channel your inspiration for good and check the result.


Oh! What heaviness
It feels like a million stings
Tears build up in my eyes
Sorrow fill my soul
I love you but you don’t love me


What a painful feeling I bear
I told you how I felt
Because they say a man should be courageous
Only to hear the strangest words
I spent time with you
I stabbed myself and pulled out my heart
I gave it to you and you collected it
Just for you to drop it on the cold hard ground


I asked why
You replied it could never work
Because you are already taken
I felt betrayed
All these while I gave you my all
But you never told me you were someone’s else


Is this what the Saviour planned
You hurting your fellow man
You could have told me when I told you how i felt
But you kept it a secret until now
I cherished all our times together
I bottled it in an iron bottle
Which won’t break when it falls
Until I heard those words
Words of how you felt
I had to let you go
I never gave anyone so much of me
I gave you my all
But you never gave me your one.
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)
Diary of a Young Poet

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If you read my first poem on this blog you will understand that this poem is more like a continuation, the funny part is that this piece is just ok without the first, but you will get a complete picture of what am saying if you read my very first post “MY DIARY BEGINS”. After all its a Diary and there is no way you will understand a diary from starting from the middle. Enjoy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

My story is a very strange one
Shebi I don talk am before
Let me tell you about one time
When I met thisΒ Damsel
She gave me a gaze
That went through my body like a race
Ahh! My head turned
I became a Zombie
Then at a time I was like, is this really me?
Omolabake, what have you done to me?
I was expecting a different story from that of Amoke and Asake
Why did you leave me like Abike did?
And broke my heart like Omo Igbo did
It’s strange how I dream all day and night
And wish to have another day to fight
But am I doing what is right?
By putting my heart on the line
Chai! Na only me waka come?
I was duped in matters at the heart
By various ethnic and religious groups
Hmmm! My story is really strange
But you have not heard the end of it
This is still the beginning.

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Most of us know what has been going on in LAUTECH… The great citadel has been locked up for months and its great students are denied there rights… This piece is to show my support for the campaign #reopenlautech … My brothers and sisters your pain is deeply felt by other Nigerian students…πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

We begged for a chance
But you gave us a blunt glance
We plead for our right
But you rubbed it on the ground
Wehdon sir!
You boast of your power
And display to us your pride
Yet you know what we are deprived
But you still chased us with Men in Black
Wehdon sir!
We have dreams we need to achieve
A lot of innovations we conceive
Please give us a chance to achieve
And be a hero to what we believe
But you still deprive us of what we need
Wehdon sir!
We came to you with a plead
Because we have been stuck in a place like a rotten seed
Life for us is a battle field
Because we are youths and we have a lot to achieve
But you still deprive us of what we need
Mr Constituted Authority all we can say is Wehdon sir!
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)

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What does it teach?

Hello guys, I was asked to write a piece about the Word of God and little did I know that it would turn out so well and lovely. Am not much of an inspirational somebody πŸ˜‰ but am trying small small sha…so if you are interested on reading about inspiration you can visit my friend’s blog

So here is the deal read through and am sure you would love it… Don’t forget to like and comment 😁

We all know the story
But its hard for some to believe
It all depends on your belief
Lets just take a time to live
And a moment to give
Listen and you will receive
What does the word teach?

The Word of God
Powerful as it has always been
It started the world we live
And made us beings
If only you believe
You will see the glory of the King
The Word gave us the air we breath
And the bread we break
Just as the success we achieve
What does the word teach?

For simplicity
He gave us he sent a Personality
His only begotten
Which is not to be forgotten
What does the word teach?

For proof He gave us inspiration
Which is full of admiration
For all generation
Which was later put in compilation
In His Holy book
Listen to what the Word teaches.
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)


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My diary begins…

I had a passion to write poems which started after the middle of this previous year (2016),ever since then I had always wanted to start my own personal blog…but I wanted some trilling, strange, magnificent and non like no other so I decided to do the unimaginable… I present to you DIARY OF A YOUNG POET 😁

I was going jejely on my own
With no burden on my heart
Then I saw this Omo Igbo
And my life took a deep leap
Ahh! What is this strange feeling?
I thought that was the end
Not knowing I just started
Bouncing from Omo Igbo to Omo Hausa to Omo Yoruba
Chai! What an endless list
Omo Dudu and Omo Pupa pelu Omo Funfun
Don’t let me even start with the endless religious groups
It all started with this Omo Igbo
Then came Agbeke
Hun! Asake, Abike, Aduke, Amoke and Alake too
Not to talk of Ayanfe and Anike
Then like a jinx came Omolabake
Kilode, Na only me waka come?
I have crushed and crushed and crushed
On different ethnic and religious groups
Yet am not done tripping
Strange? You wish
Am not done with my story
This is just the beginning.
Olubunmi Sanyaolu (MCBUMNIK)